Publications On Emu Oil


  • Dr. William Code: Emu Cream Assists Lidocaine: Local Anesthetic Absorption through Human Skin. Emu oil based cream combined with spearmint oil and lidocaine produced a reduced sensation compared to a mixture without emu oil.
  • Dr. Alexander Zemtsov, Indiana University School of Medicine; Dr. Monica Gaddis, Ball Memorial Hospital; Dr. Victor Montalvo-Lugo, Ball Memorial Hospital: Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties of Emu Oil: A Double Blind Study. Comedogenicity of emu oil was significantly lower than that of mineral oil and all subjects stated a preference for emu oil.
  • Dr. Michael Holick, M.D, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine: A study looking at factors that stimulate and inhibit skin and hair growth using emu oil and corn oil. “We found that there was about a 20% increase in DNA synthesis, which means that there was a 20% increase in the proliferative activity, or the growth activity of the skin that received (a processed emu oil), compared to the animals that received corn oil,”
  • Dr. Leigh Hopkins, American Emu Association Oil Standards Team: Composition of Emu Oil: The Micro View. Comparing emu oil to human skin oil, the fatty acid composition is quite similar. In both oils, mono-unsaturated oleic acid is the most prevalent fatty acid, followed by palmitic acid, then linoleic acid (Omega 6). The similarity may be one of the factors contributing to the positive effects of emu oil on human skin.
  • Dr. Thom Leahey, Arthritis Clinic Ardmore Oklahoma: In a two week, double blind, placebo controlled study of arthritis patients, seven of twelve reported significant reduction of pain, swelling and morning stiffness compared to one of eight placebo users.
  • Dr. Elton J. Lormand, Advanced ENT and Facial Surgery Institute, Cullman Alabama: Research showed a lessening of radiation burns in patients who applied emu oil prior to head and neck radiation treatment compared to patients who did not.
  • Dr. John Griswold, Timothy J. Harner Burn Center At Texas Tech University Medical Center: Long term study found a statistically significant difference in scar reduction and inflammation in emu oil treated wounds of burn victims.


  • EMU OIL ESSENTIAL. Before you explore the great outdoors, be sure to check your oil – your Emu oil, that is.” – Men’s Journal
  • “Beauty Phenomenon! Emu oil is a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. Studies done at Boston University have shown that emu oil may actually stimulate skin cell regeneration and help reduce wrinkles and sagging.” – Vogue Magazine
  • “Emu Oil makes you glow on Day One. Raved about in Vogue, adored by Oprah, Goldie Hawn, Angela Lansbury and Demi Moore…it’s considered one of the biggest beauty secrets from Down Under.” – Chicago Tribune
  • “For aging skin, the benefits are a Emu dream come true!” – Harper’s Bazaar
  • “Emu oil moisturizes dry, sunburned, rough, chapped, and cracked skin” – Skin INC
  • “Lines, creases and wrinkles will vanish instantly ” – Allure
  • “Emu oil practically erases fine lines” – Los Angeles Times
  • “Make-Up artists apply Emu Oil on Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, Beyonce.” – Dan’s Papers Bridgehampton N.Y.
  • “Rebalances the lipid fatty acid composition in dry, aged skin” – DCI
  • “Balance’s the skin’s composition, giving it a youthful, healthier appearance.” – Harper’s Bazaar