How do I know if EmuWellbeing Gentlemen's Boost works on me?

Many men have benefited from the natural wonders of EmuWellbeing Gentlemen’s Boost. However, like protein supplements to a body builder, Gentlemen’s Boost is only half the equation to success. In achieving the promised results, we have tested and developed a dedicated exercising regime to effectively promote and maximize the positive nutrients within the emu cream. Consistently following our exercise regime will certainly produce visible results in 4 to 6 weeks. You shall see the biggest difference during an erection.

Are my growth results permanent?

Yes they are. Like a bodybuilder’s muscles, maintenance is recommended but not compulsory. Growth in muscle fibers does not shrink overnight as long as you are sexually engaged at least once every 3 months or masturbate every 2 weeks.

Why is EmuWellbeing Gentlemen's Boost highly recommended over other penis enhancement products?

For many years, men have been searching for a solution to issues of penis size and premature ejaculation. Many of the current products and supplements have resulted in more complications than true and lasting benefits.

Penis Pills are known to have many undesirable side effects. Penis pumps are often poor designed, low in quality, and are often the culprit is accidental penis injuries. Surgeries are highly risky, and any damage done to the penis might be permanent. All of these enhancements are costly and couldbe highly risky and dangerous. For more information on these dangerous devices, check our About the Science.

At EmuWellbeing, our mission is to promote a wholesome and balanced sexual wellbeing. We believe that all health improvements should be natural, organic and toxins free. Gentlemen’s Boost is produced using only 100% pure, natural and refined emu oil. No knives, no devices, no pills, only a good dose of pure and potent natural emu cream for your most precious tool.

How safe is EmuWellbeing Gentlemen's Boost?

Many men has benefitted after a couple of weeks of EmuWellbeing Gentlemen’s Boost without any risks or dangers to their body. Prolonged usage is also safe with no known lasting side-effects. This is because At EmuWellbeing, we only use the purest refined emu oil and natural ingredients, produced exclusively in our sterile and certified labs in USA. Gentlemen’s Boost will only be a pampering treat to your gems and skin.

What is the difference between EmuWellbeing’s Emu Cream and other Emu Cream products sold in pharmaceutical stores?

Unlike other Emu Oil/Cream currently in the market, EmuWellbeing’s Emu max cream is developed and formulated in Singapore specifically for men’s sexual wellbeing. Our formula and contents requires production with dedicated equipment in a specialized and highly-technological environment in the USA.

Can I use Emu Max Cream as a lubricant during sex?

Do not attempt to use EmuWellbeing’s Emu Max Cream as a lubricant during sexual intercourse. Emu oil has tremendous skin and health benefits for both man and woman, but due to the natural, dense and rich sandy texture of emuwellbeing’s Emu Max cream, it could cause micro-abrasions to your partner if used during intercourse.

Also, do not consume the cream orally. While oral consumption or swallowing the cream is pretty harmless, it will not result in any positive effects of penis enhancement.