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Welcome to EmuWellbeing™, the premier source for natural and pure emu oil supplements and personal care products. At EmuWellbeing™, our products are made from 100% pure natural emu oil, refined and purified in our labs in USA. All EmuWellbeing™ products meet the United States Pharmaceutical (USP) high purity grade standards. Each of our product is manufactured in our pharmaceutical laboratory facility under strict US FDA guidelines. At EmuWellbeing™, we produce all our products in a sterile and environmentally safe process.

Our signature product EmuWellbeing: Gentlemen’s Boost™ deals with the 2 main problems which many men face, premature ejaculation and insufficient penis girth. Gentlemen’s Boost™ is a non-invasive natural cream which will dramatically increase the thickness of your penis as well as its length. This Natural Premature Ejaculation cream works by stimulating the muscle tissues in the penis for the growth of thickness fibres, allowing more blood to flow in for a bigger, stronger and more lasting erection. The powerful proprietary blend of natural ingredients is delivered directly through the skin via 100% Pure emu oil, which contains saturated fat and other rich collagen tissue stimulating nutrients.


Science is proving emu oil to be a modern miracle for the regeneration, growth and strengthening of inflammed and sore tissues. The potencies of emu oil have been widely documented by medical research. Read more about emu oil.


EmuWellbeing Gentlemen's Boost Number 1 Choice

  • Best-selling Natural Premature Ejaculation Cream. Developed in Singapore, made in USA.
  • Produced only with 100% Pure Natural Emu Oil.
  • Visible results within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Greatly increases duration of erection
  • Effective solution to Premature Ejaculation


It is hard to image having an issue of premature ejaculation at my age. My fellow colleagues thought i was joking when i told them i often came too fast in the bedroom. It was simply frustrating to look great and have a killer career, but when the big moment with my ladies is here, i simply couldn’t ’stand up to it’. I was skeptical when i bought this premature ejaculation cream, but since then, routine application has gave me some of the longest and strongest erections ever. I have girlfriends commenting that they felt I was a different man. This is the best confidence and manhood booster.
Mr Ray Lim, 33Corporate Bank Accountant
I am absolutely blown away by this product. It is hard to admit, but i always have a size issue when comparing to other guys. My most embarrassing experience was this girl falling asleep while we were having sex. It was the lowest point of my life. I am glad this Natural Premature Ejaculation Cream has not only increased my size by almost 50%, but I am now able to stay erect for longer durations. This is certainly a life saver for anyone who has a similar issue.
Mr Jackson Chong, 41Singapore architect


How To Use Gentlemen’s Boost™

How To Use Gentlemen’s Boost™ With Massage Sleeve